jQuery Introduction

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that makes client side scripting lot easier. Main reason why jQuery is so popular is that it provides lot of cool features and coding is very simple. With plain JavaScript, you have to write many lines of code to do certain things. But with jQuery, you can do same thing in just one line of code.

For example – if you want to slide up the element, you will have to write many lines of code with JavaScript but in jQuery, you can just call slideUp() function to do the same thing.

Main features of jQuery are given below.

  1. Open source
  2. Widely used in most of the web applications
  3. Huge community support
  4. Better cross-browser compatibility
  5. Provides an easy way to select the elements
  6. It provides lot of methods to add effects
  7. It provides DOM traversal very easily
  8. It provides functions to work with Ajax
  9. HTML can be changed very easily


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