Introduction to IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is the most popular IDE for development in Java and many more languages.

Striking features of IntelliJ IDEA are given below.

  1. Developed by JetBrains company
  2. Comes in 2 different editions – Community and Ultimate
  3. Better than other Java IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans and JDeveloper
  4. Excellent support for Integration with Version Control Systems like GIT, SVN etc.
  5. Works well with all important build management tools like ANT, Maven, Gradle
  6. Integrates well with database systems like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc
  7. There are many plug-ins available for wide variety of technologies like JUnit, Cucumber etc..
  8. It has excellent support for code navigation, finding files, classes, searching in entire project, navigating to declarations and definitions of classes and methods.
  9. It supports not only Java but many other languages like Groovy, Python, Clojure, Go etc