HTML 5 Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn below topics.

  1. Introduction to HTML
  2. New features in HTML 5
  3. HTML Editors
  4. Basics of HTML – First simplest web page, Elements in HTML, Attributes in HTML, Comments in HTML
  5. HTML Tags – Heading, Paragraphs, Links, Images, Tables, Ordered lists, Unordered Lists, Container Tags, Formatting Tags, Quotation tags, Computer Tags
  6. HTML meta tags – Head tag, Title, Meta tag, Style, Link, Script, Base
  7. HTML styles – Class attribute, Inline styles, Internal Styles, External Styles
  8. Layouts in HTML –
  9. HTML Form Elements – Buttons, Input boxes, Drop downs, Checkboxes, TextArea
  10. Advanced HTML elements – Canvas, SVG, Embedding audio file, Embedding video files, Embedding Flash Contents, Silverlight, Applets
  11. Iframes in HTML
  12. Supported characters by web page – Character encoding, Displaying special characters in web page
  13. URL Encoding