Cameras can be categorised in various types as mentioned below.
  • Action Camera - GoPro
  • Drones Cameras
  • Camcorder
  • Camera Phone
  • Dashcam
  • Webcam
  • Digital camera - Point and Shoot, DSLR, (MILC, DSLM, EVIL)
  • Digital Cameras
There are mainly 3 types of Digital Cameras

Compact Cameras

DSLR Mirrorless - (MILC, DSLM, EVIL) Difference between Camcorders and above Digital Cameras is that Camcorders have smaller size sensors and also bokeh effect is not good in Camcorders. In Compact cameras (e.g. Canon G7 X mark II ), You can not change the lense. But in DSLR and MILC, you can change the lense. In DSLR, there is a physical viewfinder so size of camera is larger than MILC.

Action Cameras

Action cameras are usually used by cyclists, motorists, swimmers to shoot the videos while they are doing any activity. Camera is usually attached to body so hand free operation is possible. GoPro is very popular brand in Action Cameras.

Drone Cameras

Drone cameras are usually used for aerial photography. But there are lot of restrictions on the use of drones. E.g. If you can use drones only in specific areas in city only. Also you might need license to use drone in some cities as well.