Cryptocurrency tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn below topics.

  1. What is cryptocurrency?
  2. List of Hot cryptocurrencies and tokens
  3. History of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin history, Ethereum history
  4. Blockchain – Blockchain basics
  5. Interesting news about cryptocurrencies – million dollar pizza, hard disk, Person sells house
  6. Exchanges – Bitcoin exchanges
  7. Wallets – How wallet works,  creating bitcoin wallets onlineBitcoin wallets, ERC20 Ethereum wallets, Ripple wallets, Send or receive bitcoins, Hardware wallets(Ledger Nano S), Creating wallet app using Coinbase API
  8. MyEtherWallet – MyEtherWallet (MEW), How to create a new wallet on MyEtherWallet, How to interact with contracts, How to load tokens, How to send and recieve ether, Pending transactions, How to replace and cancel the transaction
  9. Transaction details – bitcoin transaction details, bitcoin transaction fee, gas in ethereum transaction
  10. Ethereum –  ethereum transaction details , gas limit and gas price in Ethereum
  11. Tokens – Token Introduction, Smart contracts, Buy and Sell ERC-20 tokens, Exchanges supporting smart contracts
  12. Algorithms – SHA-256d, Scrypt, Cryptonight, X11, Ethash, ECDSA, SHA3-512
  13. Blockchain – PoW, PoS, Directed acyclic graph, POI
  14. Ethereum platform –  Solidity and Geth , Creating new cryptocurrency using Ethereum platform
  15. Economy – Applications, Bitcoin economy
  16. Cryptocurrency mining – Mining basics, Mining types – (solo/pool/cloud), Bitcoin Pool mining , Bitcoin mining hardware, Bitcoin mining software, Ethereum mining, Setting up GUI miner for mining with slushpool
  17. Swapping currencies – changelly, shapeshift
  18. Payment gateways –, bitpay, gatehub, Bitpay, Coinbase, GoCoin, Snapcard
  19. Cryptocurrencies as an Investment – Best performing coins and tokensBest wallet coins for investment, Best cryptocurrencies and tokens for investment, Best blockchain startups for investmentBlockchain startups backed by big companies like Google Microsoft, Blockchain Venture capital funds
  20. ICOs – Introduction, Upcoming ICO list, Payment service ICOs, House Rental ICOs
  21. Hacks – Bitcoin hacks
  22. Scams –
  23. Risks – Taxation and regulation, Volatile, Bubble, Hackers, Warnings from banks
  24. Future of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin future
  25. Important links and resources