Standard libraries in .net

CLI – Common Language Infrastructure

In .net CLI (Common Language Infrastructure), there are many standard libraries as mentioned below

  • Base Class Library (BCL)
  • Runtime infrastructure library
  • Network
  • Reflection
  • XML – provides classes to work with XML files and streams

Base Class Library

You will most likely be working with base class library. BCL contains below namespaces and classes.

  • System – Arrays and Basic data types like Integer, Double are defined in System namespace
  • System.Collections and System.Collections.Generic – Normal collections and generic collections like dictionaries, lists, stack, queue etc.
  • System.Diagnostics – This can be used for event logging and tracing
  • System.Globalization – Culture related classes can be used to manage language, regions, date, time, currency etc
  • System.IO – File handling can be done using classes defined in System.IO namespace
  • System.Text – We can work with regular expressions using classes in this namespace.
  • System.Threading – Classes in this namespace are used when we want to do multi threaded programs

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