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Tesla models

Tesla models

  • Model 3
  • Model Y
  • Model S
  • Model X
  • Tesla Semi
  • Tesla Roadster
  • Tesla cybertruck

Launched in 2013

Model S - steering wheel is not circular

  • Model S LR AWD - $80k - 412 miles and speed of 60mph in 3.1 sec and top speed of 155 mph
  • Model S Plaid - $120k - 390 miles and speed of 60mph in 1.99 sec and top speed of 200 mph
  • Model S Plaid+ - $140k - 520 miles and speed of 60mph in <1.99 sec and top speed of 200 mph

Launched in 2016

Model X - Falcon doors - 5/6/7 seater

  • Model X LR AWD - $90k - 360 miles and speed of 60mph in 3.8 sec and top speed of 155 mph
  • Model X Plaid - $120k - 340 miles and speed of 60mph in 2.5 sec and top speed of 163 mph

Elon musk wanted to manufacture a car that was cheaper than Model S and X at mass production level. So he introduced Model 3 in 2016

  • model 3 SR
  • model 3 SR+ - 263 miles - $37k
  • model 3 LR - long range - 353 miles - $47k - speed of 60mph in 4.2 sec
  • model 3 performance - $55k - 315 miles - speed of 60mph in 3.1 sec

Launched in 2019

  • model Y (5 seat and 7 seat variation) - bigger, taller and better than model 3
  • Model Y SR - $42k - 244 miles and speed of 60mph in 5.3 sec
  • Model Y AWD - $50k - 326 miles and speed of 60mph in 4.8 sec
  • Model Y performance - $60k - 303 miles and speed of 60mph in 3.5 sec and top speed of 155 mph

You get tow hitch in this model and full self driving for extra $10k

Model 3

Main things to know about Tesla Model 3 are

  • Launched in 2017
  • Fully electric car
  • Compact Sedan
  • Full self driving mode available with Autopilot, Autopark, Summon
  • Software updated included
  • Record breaking Best selling car
  • Produced in Fremont California and Shanghai Gigafactory
  • SR and SR+ are RWD - Rear wheel drive
  • LR and LR Performance are AWD - All wheel drive
  • 5 seater
  • Front and rear trunk/boot/dicky
  • 5-Star safety rating
  • Display
  • NFC card and smartphone app
  • Colors - white, black, silver metallic, blue metallic, Red
  • Interior - 4 USB ports, Center console with storage, Maps and navigation on display screen, Heated front seats
  • 2 options in Charging are available - Super charging(15 mins) and Slow charging using NEMA 14-50 240v plug. It's recommended to use Wall Connector to charge the Tesla battery faster at homne


  • Tesla model 3 uses lithium ion battery with capacity ranging from 50 kwh to 75 kwh
  • Supercharger station - It is fast because it provides the DC power (up to 250 kw) to battery. This is possible due to high capacity transformers.
  • At home, using Wall connector - With 1 hour charging, you can travel upto 75 km. Wall connector can be connected to wifi and get firmware updates for additional features in future.
  • Using mobile connector - This is the last option that you can use to charge the battery and it is slowest. With 1 hour charging, you can travel upto only 10 km
  • 1 kw power means Tesla can travel upto 7 km. So if your battery has 50 kwh capacity it can go upto 50 multiplied by 7 km.
  • Samsung S21 has 4000 mAh (approx 15 watt) battery and Tesla batter is 50 kwh. Amp-hours = Watt hours / voltage S21 battery runs on 3.7 voltage So Watt hour will be 4 (4000 mAh == 4 Ah) multiplied by 3.7 = 14.8 watt hour. It means that the battery can deliver 14.8 watts power over 3.7 v for 1 hour. So if you have a charger with 14.8 watt output, it will charge the battery in approx 1 hour. If you have charger with output if 10 watts, it will take 14.8/10 means 1.48 hours means 1 hour and 29 min.

Model 3 variations

  • SR - 220 miles(354 km)
  • SR+ - 262 miles(422 km)
  • LR AWD - 353 miles(568 km)
  • LR Performance AWD - 313 miles(504 km)

Traditional car vs Tesla Model 3

  • Engine powered by fossil fuel vs Electric car powered by battery
  • Generally engine is on front side. But No engine in Tesla so trunk/boot are on both sides at front and rear
  • Traditional cars can be manual with gears or auto. But tesla does not have gears.
  • In tesla less moving parts so less maintenance. No oil change or combustion engine maintenance in Tesla.
  • Car can be controlled by software
  • Parking discounts available on electric cars and more environment friendly. No emmission of gases and no pollution
  • Tesla comes with FSD (Full Self driving - Autonomous vehicle) and auto pilot (accelerate, brake and steer) using cameras and sensors In FSD, car can change lanes and can recognize lights and signs. But it is illegal to not put at least one hand on steering in Australia. So even if car is in auto pilot, you will need to pretend that steering is in your control.
  • Tesla is like a computer and all functions can be controlled by software and app. Voice commands can be given
  • Tesla is quiter than other cars
  • Tesla has other features like regenerative braking, camping mode, sentry mode, better climate control, phone control.
  • Range of Tesla starts from 400 km. But charging is much more time consuming as compared to filling car with petrol. Also when Tesla is parked, battery drains but you can reduce the drain by turning off preconditioning, Sentry Mode and Climate settings.
  • More expensive as compared to traditional cars due to high end material and battery. Also demand is higher than supply.
  • Tesla comes with Caraoke function. TeslaMic is only available in China. This function is available only when car is parked
  • Latest models of Tesla come with HEPA filtration system and act as bioweapon defense system
  • Touchscreen Display with video games, streaming services like netflix and youtube, and live traffic updates, climate control and navigation. Feature like Theater, Arcade, Toybox, and Browser are also available. Steering wheel buttons and USB controller can be used when playing game
  • Tesla models come with cellular and wifi receivers and standrad connectivity so that you can enjoy the fast internet. You can upgarde to premium connectivity to get features like live traffic visualisation, satellite view maps, video streaming, caraoke, music streaming and internet browser.
  • Auto raising air suspension system
  • With sentry mode on, you can control/watch your tesla car from anywhere.
  • Fast charging stations are available
  • Key can be card, phone or fob
  • Automatic lock and unlock as driver moves to or away from car
  • Cars get software/firmware updates over internet
  • Ludicrous Plus mode can be used if you want to get into racing. Plaid mode can also make car very fast like bugatti
  • Dog mode is also available. In this mode, even though car is parked, climate control system is active
  • automatic cabin overheat protection is also available
  • Fart mode - good for fun
  • Easter Eggs
  • Brilliant display

Traditional car vs tesla use cases

  • Unlock car using key. In Tesla, you can use phone app/card to unlock car.
  • If car is parked outdoor in sunny location during summer days, need to start Aircon and let it cool down for 2-5 minutes. In Tesla car, we can schedule departure so aircon will be automatically switched on automatically and temprature will be set as per the selection at departure time.
  • If driving at night, Switch on headlight. Headlights can be set to work automatically.
  • Start ignition and release the parking brake and then put car in Reverse mode. If car is manual transmission, it becomes more complicated.With summon feature, car can get out of parking spot automatically.
  • Slowly reverse car and then Put car in Drive mode. Very few cars have rear cameras/sensors. Built in camera are helpful during reversing.
  • Start left/right indicator if turning. Stop indicator after turn. Indicators can be set to work automatically.
  • At signal, slow down and apply breaks if red signal. In auto pilot mode, car slows down automatically.
  • Switch off headlights and all internal lights. Headlights can be set to work automatically.
  • Apply parking break and put car in Parking mode. Close all windows and lock the car. Using reverse summon, car can automatically go to parking spot and get locked.
  • If speed is constant, use cruise control if available. But main drawback of cruise control is that car will not slow down based on traffic conditions. In auto pilot, speed will be adjusted based on traffic conditions.
  • If its raining, start/stop wiper. Wipers can be set to work automatically.

Below things can not be done in traditional cars

  • Control car remotely via phone app from anywhere in the world.
  • auto pilot and summon
  • Sentry mode
  • built in cameras
  • digital controls
  • touchscreen display
  • regenerative braking
  • Automatic climate control, auto wipers and auto headlights
  • camp mode/dog mode
  • Full Self Driving
  • Software updates
  • funny features - karoake, fart, light show, easter eggs
  • Live streaming of netflix, youtube
  • Gaming
  • Mobile and wifi connections
  • Theater, Arcade, Toybox, and Browser
  • quiter
  • voice commands
  • HEPA filtration system - bio weapon defense
  • less maintenance
  • can be charged at home
  • Front and rear boot/trunk
  • Safety rating is not highest for traditional cars
  • Driver profiles
  • Wireless charging pads in model y

Android auto vs tesla touchscreen

  • Android auto is used only for music, navigation, games (Infotainment) etc
  • Tesla touchscreen is superset of Android auto.
  • All features of android auto are available + climate control + vehicle control

Touchscreen settings

Instrumentation section

  • P/R/N/D drive types
  • Open and close the trunk by tapping Open text
  • Lock car by tapping lock icon
  • Switch between battery % and miles remaining
  • Open and close charging point by tapping on lightning icon
  • When you press brake, warning signs will pop up e.g. seat belt warning
  • Speed limit/traffic lights/nearby cars/lanes are also shown when driving
  • T symbol pop up when Auto pilot can be turned on
  • Turn on auto pilot by tapping on T or by double pressing stalk
  • In R drive type, rear camera is shown
  • Choose drive type as P when you want to park. When you are charging, charging screen pops up

Navigation section

This is where you can enter the destination address and navigate using google maps. You can also see chargings stations and filter them by charging capacity (slow/fast)

Car Controls

Tap car icon to open car control settings. Below sub menus are available.

  • Quick controls - driver profiles, Valet mode, Alerts, bluetooth, networking, headlight setting, fold mirrors, child locks, window locks, glove box, wiper controls steering, recording, sentry, mirrors, brightness
  • Pedals and steering - Regenerative braking, stopping mode (creep/roll/hold), slip start
  • Charging - stop charging, current level
  • Auto pilot - auto steer, summon, set speed, offset, blind spot camera, speed limit warning, forward collision warning, Automatic emergency braking
  • Locks - Phone and key card, child lock, window lock, Walk away door lock, driver door unlock mode, unlock on Park, Car open notifications, Lock confirmation sound, close windows on lock
  • Lights - Head lights, dome lights, Ambient lights, Auto high beam, Steering wheel lights, Headlights after exit
  • Display - Light, Dark, auto, brightness, Screen clean mode, language, time, energy display, distance, temperature, tire pressure all locale settings
  • Trips - trip details - distance and total energy, lifetime odometer readings, reset trip and lifetime
  • Navigation - Avoid tolls, volume, trip planner, online routing, avoid ferries, Use HOV lanes
  • Safety - Allow mobile access?, speed limit mode, sentry mode - exclude home, View live camera via mobile app, dash cam on honk, Format usb drive, delete dashcam clips , Park assist chimes, Joe mode, security alarm, PIN to drive, Glovebox PIN, Cabin overheat protection
  • Service - manual, adjust headlights, towing, car wash mode, Reset TPMS sensors, Wheel configuration, Notifications, Camera calibration, Seat and Steering calibration, Factory reset, Wiper service mode
  • Software - Model, VIN, All vehicle info, Auto pilot included, Software version 11.0, update preference, Release notes, Premium connectivity, Data sharing
  • Upgrades - subscription purchase

Climate control

  • Independant Climate control is available for front and rear seats
  • Defroster
  • Direction of air/vents
  • fan speed
  • Aircon on and off
  • Keep mode
  • Dog mode
  • Camp mode

Infotainment and other apps

  • Camera - sentry mode clips
  • Phone - calls, messages, Calendar
  • Entertainment - Theatre, Spotify, Youtube, Arcade, Toybox, browser
  • Energy consumption

Tesla Modes

  • Sentry - Sentry mode allows you to monitor car from anywhere. If there is any threat to car, camera recording starts and notification is also sent on Tesla app.
  • Keep climate - Climate is maintained and Sentry mode and alarm can be enabled. Touchscreen and infotainment is switched off.
  • Dog - With dog mode on, climate is maintained. Dog mode will be active until battery level is at least 20%.Touchscreen is ON. But infotainment, auto lock, Sentry Mode and the vehicle's alarm are disabled in this mode.
  • Camp - In this mode, Climate is maintained. infotainment and lights can also be configured. USB ports are also powered and touchscreen is also on. But Auto locks, Sentry mode and alarm are disabled. When you come out of parking, camp mode is automatically turned off.

Premium connectivity

With Standard Connectivity, you can use Wi-Fi, in addition to basic maps and navigation and music streaming over Bluetooth. Standard connectivity comes with only 8 years?

With premium connectivity, data can be accessed over cellular network

Below features are available with premium connectivity.

  • Live Traffic Visualization
  • Satellite-View Maps
  • Video Streaming
  • Karaoke
  • Music Streaming
  • Internet Browser

Why not to buy Tesla

  • expensive
  • Charging is time consuming
  • In some places, finding charging station is not available.
  • No spare tyre
  • not good during winter and snow
  • Hardware and software trade off - Old hardware can not match with new software updates
  • EV competetion is heating up so you may get better deal somewhere else
  • Auto pilot and FSD not legal in most of the countries

Auto pilot vs FSD

  • Auto lane change
  • Smart summon
  • Auto steer
  • Traffic light and signs recognition

Tesla QnA

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  • How to Play games
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