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MongoDB atlas

Atlas mongodb stores data in

  • cluster - Cluster is made up of many distributed database servers
  • database - You can create 1 or more databases in a cluster
  • collection (table) - You can create one or more collections inside a database e.g. I had created 3 databases - Db1, awesomedb and test

To connect to mongodb database, you will need connection string which you can get by going to Database section and then password can be found in Database Access section.

  • Database section - It allows you to view cluster name, databases and collections. Also it allows you to view connection string to connect to Database. Just click on connect button.
  • Database Access section - Here you can add user, reset password for existing users etc.

A cluster is a group of servers or nodes that work together to provide a distributed database system. The purpose of clustering is to increase availability and scalability of the database, as well as provide fault tolerance in case of hardware or network failures.

A database is a container for data that is organized and managed by a database management system (DBMS). A database typically contains multiple collections, which in turn contain multiple documents or records.

A collection is a group of documents or records that share a common structure and schema. In a document-oriented database like MongoDB, a collection is analogous to a table in a relational database, but with more flexibility in terms of schema design.

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