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Fishing guide in QLD

Fishing spots in Brisbane, QLD

  • Richardson park, goodna, QLD
  • Joseph Brady Park, 4306, QLD
  • Atkinson Drive Reserve, QLD
  • Kookaburra Park - West, QLD
  • Indooroopilly Boat Ramp
  • Cribb Park, Ipswich
  • Cameron Rocks Reserve, Hamilton
  • Deep Water Bend Reserve
  • Jindalee Boat Ramp Park
  • Coomera River Causeway Park
  • Shorncliffe Pier
  • Moggill Ferry Reserve
  • Tingalpa Creek Reserve
  • Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve
  • Hornibrook Bridge, Redcliffe
  • Redcliffe Jetty
  • Newstead Park Jetty
  • Woody Point Jetty - Moreton bay
  • Boggy Creek Entrance - End of Sandmere Road, Pinkenba
  • Gateway Bridge - Nudgee
  • Wynnum Jetty and Creek
  • Wellington Point Jetty - Redlands
  • West End Riverside Lands Park - West End
  • Manly Boat Harbour Rock Wall - Manly

Common types of fish species found in QLD

Most common types of species found in QLD are

  • Bream - Bream fish has a long dorsal fin
  • Flathead - Long and narrow body and head is flat
  • Snapper - Similar to Bream but body color is reddish
  • Catfish - Has whiskers (barbels) like cat near mouth
  • Jewfish -
  • Whiting -

Now let us see locations where you can catch these species

  • Bream, Flathead, Trevally and Cod found near manly
  • Bream, Flathead and Catfish found at west end
  • Flathead, Bream and Snapper found at wellington point
  • Bream, Whiting and Flathead found at Wynnum
  • Threadfin Salmon, Mangrove Jacks, Mulloway and Catfish found at Nudgee
  • Bream, Flatheads and Tailor found at Woody Point Jetty
  • Snapper, Jewfish, Mullet, Bream, Cod and Catfish found at Newstead
  • Whiting and Bream found at Redcliffe
  • Yellowfin Bream, Flathead and Mangrove Jack found at Cameron Rocks Reserve
  • Yellowfin Whiting, Winter Whiting, Tailor, Garfish at shorncliffe
  • Whiting and Bream at Hornibrook bridge

Fishing gear

You will need below fishing gear

  • Rod
  • Reel
  • Line
  • Sinker
  • Swivel
  • Hook and Bait

Installation of Rod

  • You can buy the Rod and Reel combo with line spooled
  • Then pass the line through all holes of rod
  • Insert sinker
  • Add swivel
  • Attach hook and bait


  • Open the bell
  • Cast from behind
  • Close the bell

Important things to know

There are restriction on type and quantity of fish that you can catch. So do not break fishing rules.

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