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Building house in Brisbane

There are 2 ways in which you can build house.

  • Buy land and then build home - In this case, you can buy land from one party and then you are free to build the house from another party.
  • Buy house and land package - In this case, you will need to select land and builder at the same time.

Here are the steps you need to take when building the house in Brisbane

  • Purchase land
  • Choose builder
  • Choose design
  • Move in

I will be covering Ipswich, collingwood park, bellbird park, augustine heights, springfield lakes, springfield rise suburbs.

Project Masterplan

  • Visit website of land developer
  • get master plan and plan of dev
  • Find out stages
  • Find out nearby schools, colleges, shops
  • bushfire, drainage, buffer zone,flood zone, council restrictions

Land Release

First step in home building process is to buy the land. At the time of writing this article, In July 2022, we have lands releasing in below locations.

  • Collingwood Park

    • Pocket -
    • Woodlinks - Neumann Drive, Collingwood Park, Qld 4301 - Tania
  • Redbank Plains

    • Edens crossing, redbank plains - 450 sqm for $325k
    • 214 Elijah Crescent, Redbank
  • Bellbird Park

    • Raywhite - 450 sqm for $400k
    • Brentwood forest, bellbird park - 48 columbia dr - 396 sqm for $300k
  • Augustine Heights - 387 sqm for $270k

  • Springfield rise - 350 sqm for $400k

  • Brookwater - 551 sqm for $600k

  • Ripley Valley

Land buying process

Important things to keep in mind when buying the land

  • project
  • stages
  • shape and size - Many people prefer lots in rectangular shape. e.g. for Panama 29 design from Plantation Homes will need block with at least 16m frontage and length of 30m. Most of the home dimensions shown on home designs will not consider extra space necessary for backyard and driveway.
  • Disclosure plan and plan of dev
  • EOI
  • Contract - beware of finance clause
  • Title of land block - Land registration and pegging
  • Bank financing and valuation
  • Settlment
  • Title of land block - when it is getting registered and
  • zoning - Flood zone, Bushfire risk, building restrictions, storey, style,exterior
  • Proximity to child care, schools, public transportation
  • Easements - Utility services - power, gas, internet, water and sewage
  • land size, shape and slope
  • Front width of plot - Frontage
  • Avoid very close to train line, overhead power lines
  • Infill sites may cost more to build due to restrictions of adjacent houses
  • Terrain of block - rocks, trees, soil test
  • If you have a specific design in mind, make sure home will fit in this block.
  • Once you like the lot, you need to fill the expression of interest and send to the land developer
  • If developer accepts the expression of interest, he will send you the contract to sign
  • You can get Solicitor to represent yourself at this point
  • Then you can sign the contract and you need to pay 10% deposit in the trust account of developer's solicitor
  • Then you will need to get pre-approval from bank
  • After this you need to wait for the lot to be registered
  • Once lot is registered, you need to pay remaining amount of lot, stamp duty and solicitor's fee.
  • Then you can ask builder to take overand build house.

Lot disclosure plan

  • lot frontage
  • lot length
  • boundries
  • roads and adjacent lots
  • buffer zone
  • retaining wall
  • contours
  • area of fill and cut
  • single or double story
  • square, rectangle, corner, other shape
  • site costs

Home Design

Criteria to look for when selecting home design

  • No of Bedrooms - 4
  • Master bedroom at end?
  • Island kitech with Sink?
  • Butler's Pantry
  • Is Fridge easily accessible?
  • Price - Base price less than $300k

10M frontage Designs

  • SOMERSVILLE19 - 10Mx30M - 4 Bed - $235k - No Island Kitchen

10.5M frontage Designs

  • SOMERSVILLE20 - 10.5Mx30M - 4 Bed - $245k - No Island Kitchen

12.5M frontage Designs

  • DAWSON24 - 12.5Mx30M - 4 Bed - $250k

  • SUMMIT24 - 12.5Mx30M - 4 Bed - $260k

  • SUMMIT22 - 12.5Mx28M - 4 Bed - $250k - No Island Kitchen

  • DAWSON20 - 12.5Mx25M - 3 Bed but can be converted into 4 Bed - $250k - No Butler and Island kitchen does not have sink

  • DAWSON22 - 12.5Mx27M - 4 Bed - 240k - No Butler and Island kitchen does not have sink

14M frontage Designs

  • PANAMA25 - 14Mx28M - 4 Bed - $265k
  • PANAMA27 - 14Mx30M - 4 Bed - $270k
  • AVALON27 - 14Mx30M - 4 Bed - $270k

Display Homes

  • Go to the builder website and find out locations of display homes
  • get brochures for display homes - You will get to know home dimensions, frontage width, length, dimensions and floor plan
  • select the design based on your budget and preference
  • Before securing lot, check with new home consultants who can help with sighting plans for prospective lot

Choosing builder

Once the land is purchased, you can choose the builder of your choice. Some builders in Queensland are

  • Plantation Homes
  • Metricon
  • Coral Homes
  • MJH group - McDonald Jones Homes, Mojo Homes, Brighton Homes, Wilson Homes, Weeks Homes
  • Hotondo Homes
  • G.J. Gradner Homes
  • Domaine Homes
  • Stroud Homes
  • Clarendon Homes
  • Orbit Homes
  • Home and Land Design
  • Adenbrook Homes
  • Simonds
  • Alphaline Homes
  • Burbank
  • Hallmark Homes
  • Homes By CMA
  • Rivergum Homes
  • Integrity New Homes
  • Watara Homes Constructions
  • Lindon Homes
  • Hutchies

Some tips for finding good builder

  • Visit display homes
  • Find home desings and floor plans that match your lot and budget
  • Read reviews
  • Ask friends/community
  • Search for news related to builders
  • Price
  • Home building process

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