Bamboo Tutorial

In this Bamboo Tutorial, we will have a look at below topics.
  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Creating projects and plans
  4. Cloning (Copying) a build plan
  5. Configuring visible projects in Bamboo
  6. Configuring the build plan – Editing build plan, Changing the plan name, Disable plan, Delete the build plan, Configuring stages, Jobs and Tasks, Configuring build plan repositories, Adding Scheduled build trigger, Adding Repository polling triggerAdding new branch, Running a branch, Branch actions in BambooConfiguring build plan permissions, Configuring build notifications, Expiry of the build historyPassing parameters and variables to the build
  7. Java project tasks – Adding Maven build plan, Adding Gradle build plan in Bamboo
  8. Visual Studio .Net Project tasks – Adding MSBuild task in Bamboo,  Adding MSTest task 
  9. Command line builds in Bamboo – Linux shell build, Windows batch command build, Windows Powershell build
  10. Running the build plans manually
  11. Viewing the build history and build logs
  12. Bamboo Reports
  13. Authors Page in Bamboo
  14. Executing Selenium tests in Bamboo
  15. Creating and viewing artifacts
  16. Running customized build plan
  17. Build queue in Bamboo
  18. Bamboo Administration – Agents, Global Variables, User Management, Server Capabilities, Linked Repositories, Group Management, Global Permissions, Add-ons ManagementEmail server, Server address, License Information in Bamboo, Bamboo System Information, Bamboo Audit log, Import/Export build plans in Bamboo, Build History clean up, Bulk edit plan permissionsMove build plan in Bamboo, Delete build plans, Bulk actions in Bamboo
  19. Installing add-on in Bamboo e.g. groovy tasks for bamboo
  20. Adding deployment project to build plan in Bamboo
  21. Web application deployment to tomcat using Bamboo