New born products

Here is the list of items you must purchase for your new born baby.

Car Seat

In Some countries, installing car seat for baby is a must. It is required by law. If you do not restrain your child in car seat properly, you will fined heavily.

Cradle Swing

Cradle swing is another important item new parents should have on thier mind. It helps in settling down baby. You can not just hold baby in your arms all the time. You can put baby in the swing and it will allow you to take some rest.

Baby Bed

Many parents think that they can let baby sleep on the same bed they are sleeping. But this is absolutely wrong. You must have seperate bed for your baby.

Baby Nappies, Wipes and Dispenser

During first 2-3 weeks after birth, baby will poo multiple times in a day. So It is important to have extra stock of Baby Nappies in the house.

Round Pillow for neck support

Round shaped pillow is very important especially in first 3 months. Baby neck needs lot of support during initial days.

Breast milk pump and milk storage bottles

In first few weeks after birth, mother may produce more milk than required by baby. In that case, you must buy breast milk pump to get out excess milk and store in the bottle.