Welcome to tutorial on Ranorex.

We will see below topics in this tutorial.

  1. Introduction to Ranorex
  2. What ranorex can automate?
  3. Installing trail version of Ranorex
  4. Getting familiar with Ranorex Studio IDE
  5. Recording and Playing Back in Ranorex.
  6. Object identification mechanism
  7. Object Spy and Editor
  8. First simple automated script
  9. Running and debugging the automated script
  10. Viewing the test results
  11. Adding verification points
  12. Adding synchronization points
  13. Test suite in Ranorex
  14. Modules in Ranorex
  15. Object repository in Ranorex
  16. Bypassing the object repository
  17. Automating Desktop applications
  18. Automating Web Applications
  19. Automating Mobile Applications
  20. Designing automation frameworks in Ranorex
  21. Page object models in Ranorex
  22. Challenges in Ranorex