LeanFT in C#.Net

Welcome to tutorial on LeanFT.  You will learn below topics on LeanFT.

  1. LeanFT Basics – LeanFT IntroductionSupported applications by LeanFT
  2. Installation of LeanFT – Installation of LeanFTInstalling the browser extensions
  3. Setting up LeanFT project in Visual Studio
  4. LeanFT settings – LeanFT Settings, Types of Licenses in LeanFT
  5. Core Concepts – Object identification center,  Understanding LeanFT API in C#.Net
  6. Understanding LeanFT plugin in Visual Studio,  Understanding LeanFT API in C#.Net
  7. Object identification center
  8. First LeanFT test in Visual Studio – Automating windows applicationRunning first test, Integrating LeanFT with Visual Studio Unit testing frameworkViewing the results of the test
  9. Object identification and Management – Description programming in LeanFT, Creating the application models, Using regular expressions in LeanFT
  10. Web applications automation – Web application testing using LeanFTIdentifying the elements using xpath and css, Firing events, Executing JavaScript
  11. Windows Application automation – Calculator automation using LeanFT, Notepad Automation using LeanFT, Automation of Java Applications, Automation of SAP Applications, Automation of .Net Applications, Using Visual Relational Identifier
  12. Synchronization  – Synchronization in LeanFT in C#.Net
  13. Assertions and reports – Assertions in LeanFT,  Generating reports with screenshots and recordings
  14. Converting UFT object repository into application model
  15. Frameworks in LeanFT – Keyword driven frameworks, Data Driven Frameworks, SpecFlow
  16. Integrating the LeanFT tests with CI servers like Bamboo (MSBuild and MSTest), Jenkins and TeamCity
  17. Challenges and solutions – Native objectsLeanFT common issues and solutions
  18. Comparison of LeanFT with Selenium and RanorexDifference between HP UFT and LeanFT.
  19. LeanFT references and Resources for .Net