Cucumber in Java

In this tutorial, you will learn below topics.

  1. Introduction to Cucumber
  2. Installation of Cucumber
  3. Writing feature files using Gherkin
  4. Adding Cucumber dependency to Java project
  5. Cucumber Test – Writing first cucumber test
  6. Executing Cucumber tests using Cucumber class
  7. Cucumber options – glue, features, tags, plugin etc
  8. Filtering scenarios – Tagging the scenarios, Using name option
  9. Passing parameters to steps
  10. Passing the data table to steps – Key – Value pair Datatable, Multiple column datatable in Cucumber
  11. Feature file variations – Scenario Background, Scenario outline
  12. Running multiple feature files in Cucumber
  13. Integration of Cucumber with Build tools – Maven and Gradle – Same as JUnit
  14. Sharing selenium Webdriver instance using PicoContainer
  15. Reports in Cucumber – Embedding the screenshot, Writing to Cucumber HTML reports
  16. Cucumber using Lambda Expressions –  Cucumber dependency for using Lambda expressions in Java 8,  Cucumber test using Lambda expressions.