Dash Cams

Car Dashcams are very useful. Recordings can be very important evidence in case of accidents. We can also use dash cams to monitor the driving level of newbies. Some people even use driving footage to upload on youtube and earn money from it. Here is the list of key things to consider when purchasing the dash camera for your car.
  • What lens is used? Wide angle lens is recommended
  • Will it record front side or rear side as well?
  • What is the screen resolution and display screen dimensions?
  • is automatic recording supported? When car is running, then only recording should happen
  • what wiring is required?
  • How easy it is to install and where it can be installed
  • is loop recording available?
  • SD card size and is it easy to add/remove sd card?
  • other features like motion detection, gravity sensors, parking monitor and quality of recording at night time

Buy Dashcams for Car

Here are top ranking car dashcams that you can buy.
  • APEMAN Dash Cam - https://amzn.to/2LMDY3a
  • VAVA - https://amzn.to/2YPHrly