Registering mobile phone with Android device manager

Before installing Appium, I recommend you register your Android device with your laptop or desktop using below steps.

  1. Enable the USB debugging on your mobile phone in developer options.
  2. Attach your mobile phone to your laptop or desktop using USB cable.
  3. Once you attach mobile, drivers will be installed on your system and RSA KEY will be added into your mobile phone. Just accept the key on your mobile. This completes the registration process.
  4. You can check if mobile is registered or not by going to Android monitor or by running command adb devices from command prompt.

Sometimes, we face driver issues while registering the mobile with Android device manager. For example, when I was trying to register my Samsung Duos with system, adb devices command returned empty results. To fix this problem, I installed the device driver for mobile by following below steps which fixed my problem.

  1. Go to the device manager of your system.
  2. Right click on your device and click on update device driver.
  3. Select browse my computer.
  4. Select let me pick from the list of device drivers.
  5. Install Samsung Android ADB Interface as shown in below screen



After that you can see your device in your Android device manager.

adb devices

Android Device Monitor

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