Basics of Android OS

Before we dive in to the interesting world of Android automation, let us try to understand some basics of the Android mobile phone.

You need to know below things on your Android phone.

  1. Android version
  2. Device Name
  3. Developer Options
  4. Debugging mode

To find out the Android version and device name, just go to the settings of your mobile and tap on About device menu item. The About device screen will show you the version of the Android system.

settings icon


Settings Screen


About device - version


To be able to automate the Android device, you should enable the USB debugging option in Developer options screen. All new Android phones have their Developer options menu item hidden. To view the Developer options, you should tap the Build number in About device screen 7 times as shown in below image.

Tap build number 7 times to activate developer options


After that, you can go to settings menu and tap on the Developer options menu item.

developer options

On Developer options screen, you should enable Stay awake check box on which ensures that device will not get locked while in debug mode. Also ensure that you check USB debugging option on which allows Appium to interact with mobile.

usb debugging on


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