AppiumDriver class in Appium library

AppiumDriver class provides below methods. AndroidDriver and IOSDriver classes inherit this class.

  1. closeApp – used to close the application under test
  2. context – used to switch the context from WebView to Native and vice versa
  3. findElementsByAccessibilityId – used to identify the elements using accessibility id
  4. getContext – used to get the current context of the App
  5. getContextHandles – used to get the total number of context handles
  6. getOrientation – used to get the device orientation – Portrait or Landscape
  7. getRemoteAddress – used to get the remote address of device
  8. hideKeyboard – used to hide the keyboard
  9. installApp – used to install the app on device
  10. performMultiTouchAction – used to perform multiple touch actions at the same time

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