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.Net framework

.Net framework is developed by Microsoft. The first version of .net Framework was released in 2002. The latest version of .net framework is 4.6 released in July 2015.

Key features of .Net framework are given below

  1. Language inter-operability
  2. Winforms
  3. ASP.Net
  4. ADO.Net
  5. WCF
  6. WPF
  7. LINQ
  8. Modern UI runtime
  9. Parallel Task Library

.Net framework = Common Language Runtime (CLR) + Framework Class Library (FCL)

What is Common Language Runtime  (CLR)?

CLR is the virtual environment in which all .net applications run. No matter in which language you have written the program components, entire code executes in CLR.

What is Framework Class Library (FCL)?

FCL is the library of classes built into the .net Framework. Some of the standard namespaces in the library are given below.

  1. System
  2. System.IO
  3. System.Collections
  4. System.Data
  5. System.Diagnostics
  6. System.Linq
  7. System.Net
  8. System.Text
  9. System.Threading
  10. System.Web
  11. System.Windows
  12. System.Xml